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"Poet of the 21st century. Michael G. Stone's work is unique, and one of the 'Distorted' poets of our time."

-Donny Ray Bennett 


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The works of Michael G. Stone can be available by donating to help fund his next upcoming book of Forest of Caves II (Book II ov III). Those who help with their generous donations will receive via email a copy of Michael's first book of the Forest of Caves II trilogy, Deeper Within the Flesh. Order yourself a copy today by donating now and thank you so much for being a reader and for your generous support!




 SEASONS OF HEAVEN AND HELL - A POEM (Release Date: July 1, 2017)


Seasons of Heaven and Hell is a piece written in the year August, 1999 until August, 2000. It is a work of beautifully melodic verse that will flow thru your mind as you read along on this work of modern literature. Elegant, and well written like the classics. 
Please take the time to browse thru within the pages and grab yourself a copy today!

 Click on the link Below.




THE DARKEST GARDEN - A POEM (Release date: June 27, 2017)

This epic journey of poetic rhythms takes place in a farther future imaginable. The main character in the darkest garden is a humble gentleman and leader to his people. A Futurist. The first futurist to create a humble civilization in society. A very good political leader. These pages bring to life a piece of literary art work that will inspire many with the hopes and dreams of the future of the globe as we know it. Grab yourself a copy and purchase a few for friends today!

Click on the link below.





Sunday, May 20, 2016


 "Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh" will be available for purchase as a digital version on Amazon kindle. I am going to try my "best" to release this in June. I may as well play a Death in June Song or two within the upcoming and new promotional teaser. Aside from the teaser that should be viewable here [Link Below]:


My deepest condolences to those "GLOBALLY" who have lost loved ones to the wrecking crew of Modern Warfare. May you always be well, happy and peaceful.





Thursday; April 30, 2015


The whole shit house went up in flames. And during that portion of my life, the Darkest Garden can now be purchased in digital format. Inside, there are many written works that were selected from the years 2001 – 2007 and later published originally in 2009. The Darkest Garden, the poem itself was written in the span of three months straight. Day and night. Thought after endles thought to create the many tens of thousand words you will find yourself reading in a state of many thoughts; from a romance to many trials of horror and hidden demons within the piece.

Find out for yourself by purchasing the book for only $4.99 USD (Many other formats are available around the globe.)

Go to the link below and grab yourself the digital copy!


THE DARKEST GARDEN BOOK COVER11 2015-04-11 at 9.44.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.05.41 AM

BELOW ARE PROMOTIONAL Videos for the book. Enjoy!

The Darkest Garden Book Teaser – 2014 Version

April 11, 2014- Soon, I will have available for sale prints of selected poems; numbered, lettered and signed.

Updates soon. In the works; Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh, Spoken word on audio formats, lots of writings and babble on and a lot of new things that will be happening during 2014.


 Anyways, thank you for checking up on the page and I will write more soon. Cheers!




April 15, 2013 --- My deepest condolences to those who suffered dearly during the Boston Marathon. However,

to those who were involved in the incident; May your whole BLOODLINE suddenly become extinct in a terrible

realm that evolves in eternal suffering. All of those who were involved, be gone ... NOW!

                                                            -The Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone 






Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 7.36.11 AM

 Sunday; April 14, 2013

I felt it was time to tell a story about an American Buddhist man, who goes through similar trials and tribulations
that the once great Buddha himself did many generations ago.

The story is set in California in a small town in the northern territory. I had a great deal of laughs while writing this story and I am happy to share it with readers of all generations.

Here is an excerpt of the story;

“He is able who thinks he is able.” And smiles while he eats his morning meal. He picked up his pen and journal and wrote the thought down just below the writing he wrote only moments ago.

What did the American Buddhist write before this? Well, I will not mention or spoil it here and you will have to grab yourself a copy of the book when it is released. There is currently no release date as of yet, however it will be very soon. So expect it to be released soon enough and I know you will enjoy the read. 






(Kindle Version) 


October 31, 2012 

Available now on Amazon Kindle! Order your copy today!

Forest of Caves: Season's of Heaven and Hell (Kindle Version) 2012 




MAY 17, 2012 




‘Niomkin appears in front of me
Her amethyst hair glowing
…And she speaks.
“You should have let me kill Rodan. But no, you left me to die instead.
I will come back soon and this time; he will be dead.”
She said, slicing me with her razor blade nails.
“I will come again.” Niomkin said.
And she disappeared from the darkest garden.’
-An excerpt from the book Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden

Not many will even comprehend who the character Niomkin nor Rodan is, until I release a future book that will not be available to the public anytime soon. Not that I am not working on it, however, I just do not plan on publishing it anytime soon. I was hoping some random hot shot of a literary agent would come and swoon me off my feet. (Yes, I meant swoon, not swoop.)

In the meantime, the only person that will understand the stanza above is me. Which is fine, I kind of like the suspense of it all kind of marinating in readers minds, which is always nice. Neither of them are characters you wouldn’t really expect from anyone. So they’re two main characters I simply have a hard on for, and stay erect in so many respects while continuing on writing them. So far, there are two books about these two characters…however, I am not here to talk about future events. I am writing now to write about a book teaser.

The teaser took me 12 man hours total to create. 12 hours of thinking what to do, how to do it, and what kind of a soundtrack with chosen songs that seemed mildly appropriate. And Haujobb and another Daniel Myer project titled Cleen (Not sure if he will come out with another album from this band) were two choice picks for this particular piece. And received kind permission to use the work. Thanks again Daniel.

I enjoy editing software, it’s amazing stuff. You can pinpoint a timeline between a song and a frame and viola! It just comes together, and it takes a lot of time and patience to do. I imagine a lot of people get paid to do it, and I am not one of them.

The Darkest Garden has been out since 2009. (January 4, 2009) It is the third and final chapter of the Forest of Caves Trilogy, as I have written in earlier blog postings, so I won’t babble on about it.

Other titles inside of the book, to write a few are; “The ancient soldier Part I”, “A conversation with sapphire”, “The kiss to you” and one before last titled “Say farewell to the darkest garden”. 



                                         PLEASE VIEW

                                          VIDEO TEASER FOR THE DARKEST GARDEN

                                            FOR THE VIDEO. 





\ISeason's Greetings from the Distorted Poet I/


November 19, 2011

                     Have a great holiday season. I just wanted to write and mention I have had a great 2011 and even though it is not over yet, I know it will be soon into the new year. I imagine 2012 will bring many new challenging obstacles in my line of work of not only writing books, but song lyrics and other mediums of literary form to those who desire my services as a poet and author. Blessed be and enjoy life.


P.S. Coming Soon: PART I of the short Story Destiny will be available for reading on this website in the short stories section in the links above on the site. In the meantime, enjoy and have fun.




September 20, 2011

I have recently come up with the title for the last book in the Forest of Caves II series.
I will not write the title just yet, but this title isn’t going anywhere so I won’t change it for the world.

This one in the series will be very dark and over indulging on projection within my self, and how I’ve seen all walks of life perish to their death as I will and everyone else unfortunately will when it is there time to evolve into the threshold.

It will be a mixture of love, and all of life’s tears, hatreds, joys and fears tossing us around like rag dolls on strings like dangled puppets.


“Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh” – Concept Cover Art [Promo Version]

“Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh”

The book will be the first of three in the new trilogy series of Forest of Caves II.
I’m not sure if I want this cover just yet, but I will see. As in previous blog posts, I wrote about denying the cover of the earlier promotional cover of the book. I am not entirely certain that I want this cover as the published version of the first book in the series, but I thought I would address the nature of it.

The photographs that you see on the cover were all taken in Lake Merritt’s Bonsai garden in Oakland, California. And the forest that you see in the cover art is a photograph taken in an area in Sweden. I had some previous critique from an old and dear friend of mine, and he informed me that it looked “Too Renaissance”. I wasn’t really going for that look, so I’m definitely looking at other options before finalizing the books cover design as a final piece for the future release and publication.

You can view the covers at the link below:



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(The first 157 words) The Final Edit:

“Forest of Caves II – Deeper Within the Flesh”

•March 7, 2011
 Well, a few weeks ago, after completing the rough draft of Deeper Within the Flesh, an upcoming book release I hope to release before Spring of 2011; I decided to completely re-write the whole thing.

Here is the first 157 words:




Deeper Within the Flesh


A very gray wind from the middle eastern lands
One by one – the sand arose into the sky.
As the scales of the air
Thick and crowded
A congested freeway on rush hour
Marching onto a dark beyond.


She cloaks her lust into my view
Her breasts – bare before me.
Heaven could not imagine such beauty
Until laid there before me.
Un-Borrowed – And mine for my forbidden appetite.
A lustful year as I ate the poison from the apple.
And I now cursed by a dark witch as she laughs
Her piercing gypsy hell.
In London; I afloat in a discreet opium bar.
I stare up at a woman with three eyes
And six breasts
Her skin; radiation blue.
Her eyes; an ancient turquoise green.
And her hair –Amethyst crystals,
Flowing exquisite perception.
She stared–smiling. Naked-cross legged and her arms swayed like a constant motion
Like endless waves from the pacific.

The cover design is a rough demo of the soon to be final draft. The above 157 words will be in the book and unedited. What you see above will be a very small amount of crumbs for your double dutch chocolate cake soon enough. I hope you enjoyed reading the first 157 words of “Deeper Within the Flesh” from the upcoming release:

“Forest of Caves II – Deeper Within the Flesh”
There is No Official Book Release Date at the Present Time.
-Michael 2011
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News from 2010 and Earlier Below


Michael G. Stone release's two new books:









You can view the book teaser here for The Dreamer is Still Asleep:


You can purchase these books as well as The Darkest Garden here:


 Thanks for being a reader and


Best wishes to you!


-Stan (August 27, 2009)





Michael G. Stone's new book titled:

"Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden"


NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! This book also comes with Prose and Lyrics used in the Band "Haujobb" and "Destroid" both in which are Daniel Myer Projects. Email me (Stan) or Michael for more details on how to order yourself a new copy today! 


100 Copies will be SIGNED & AUTOGRAPHED plus ART WORK by the Distorted Poet will be issued for the FIRST 100 Pre-Orders.

PRE-Order your copy today!


Michael's books are going on sale as I write this for 150.00USD (Signed with artwork) on So,  the price of 24.99USD for the "pre-order" of your copy today is a small "investment" to pay!





Michael's Updates

Michael is the author of the following books:
*Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams (2004)
*Forest of Caves: Season's of Heaven and Hell (2005)
You can find his books at local book stores around the world or order a copy, @ Amazon DOT com.


                                                                    !!!NEW WEBSITE!!!

Press Release Date: September 10, 2008

Michael G. Stone's Artwork page is available to the public. You can view the website at the link location below:

Artwork of the Distorted Poet



Michael G. Stone is currently not working with a Literary Agency. If you're an Agent, please contact Michael if you wish to represent him.



UPDATE July 17, 2008

Michael G. Stone will be presenting his artwork at the following location:

Location: Cancelled due to the unorganized staff.

Date: August 1, 2008 - August 15, 2008

Entry is free. Artwork ranges from $300.00 and up for original pieces, and $150.00 for prints upon request.
Michael will only make 100 signed and numbered prints of each painting.



The Distorted Poet; Michael G. Stone works on many mediums of the creative world. His Artwork shows his imagination at large. He is currently working on his own philosophical thoughts and opinions.


MR. Stone is also working on a few other novels and a collection of short stories. MR. Stone is also releasing a DEBUT album titled "PHYSODRONE". Pre-Orders are available upon request for $40.00USD (About $25.00 Euros). Email Webmaster_Stan or Michael G. Stone for billing information. The Release date is not available as of yet.


MR. Stone has worked with Daniel Myer of the Industrial musical group Haujobb. Daniel picked up Michael's book "Forest of Caves; The Book of Dreams" and read it, finding himself hooked on his stunning and in depth writing skill. Michael's intense, dark, and distorted work left Daniel inspired to ask if he could write lyrics for Haujobb and other projects such as Destroid.

Honored by the offer, Michael had agreed and wrote multiple lyrics for him. Daniel later created a full length Haujobb album that has been unreleased by both parties between 2004-2006.

In 2007 Daniel came out with the full length album "LOUDSPEAKER", a side project of his called Destroid which Michael G. Stone contributed the song titled "Mourn".


MR. Stone is currently working with a Literary agency and is working hard to find a publisher for his next book. More details on that soon, so keep checking in!

MR. Stone is also looking for a new Literary Agent. So, if you know of one, send me an email and I will send him the information.

If you have any questions, (need an Autograph, Press Contact, Media Contact) or need to contact Michael G. Stone for any reason, please visit the Contact page for more info.



--Webmaster Webmaster Stan


The Distorted Poet: Michael G. Stone 2011

Click on the link to view MR. Stone's Fine "One of a Kind" Artwork for sale to the public:

More links will come soon. Keep checking in!



A special Note from Michael

June 5, 2008

Thank you for coming to the website. I am happy to announce that I will be submitting a manuscript for publication in August 2008.

The title is "Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden", the last of the Forest of Caves Trilogy. I will fill you in on the details as time persists.

I am working on other novels that are almost completed as well.

Also, please be aware that I will be hosting a display of my art work at a San Francisco bay area location. More details on this soon. I can say now it is set in stone and the display will begin from August 1, 2008 thru September 1, 2008.

Thank you and I hope that all is well.



If you wish to query MR. Stone, please write in the title "QUERY MGSTONE" or else it will be lost in the slush we like to call spam.



"The cycle of any life form will always be, with or without us." -Michael G. Stone

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