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Contacting Michael G. Stone

Hi, Michael here! You can contact Me through the following below. If you send books or anything else to be signed, please allow  6-8 weeks for delivery. Please send a money order for the shipping and handling charges. For fans and friends who wish to send gifts, I thank you ahead of time. Thanks for being a reader, and never drift away from it.

-Michael G. Stone, May 17, 2006


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The Distorted Poet Promotional Poster 2012 version

This promotional poster is to help spread the word and to find new individuals that would have an interest in my work. Unfortunately, I don’t spend 1 Million Plus to marketing firms so they can create such things for me. However, I know if you are willing to help out, this is how you can.

1. Print this Poster below onto your computer.
2. Go to Kinko’s Fed Ex, or any other printing press/stationary/legal printing shop and create a laminated poster board size.
3. Go to your local college and post them on where bills (posters likes this one) or fliers are available to be posted.
4. Ask local Coffee shops, Book stores if you can display the poster.
5. The Poster is self explanatory and can only be used with a smart phone
(iPhone, Blackberry, GooglePhone, etc.)

Thanks a bunch for spreading the word. And thank you for being a reader.


Disclaimer: Please note any letters, emails, gifts, etc. that you send to Michael G. Stone becomes the property of Michael G. Stone and agree to the terms and conditions of this notice. Please note if you send books to allow 6-8 weeks for returned delivery. Your best interest would be to write Mr. Stone and ask him to send back to you an autograph, instead of the possibility of the book being lost in transit. 

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